Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Young Adult Challenge

This challenge completed as of 12/21/08!

***I really enjoy reading young adult literature, plus it is important to me to be able to keep up with what my students are reading, and recommend books to them. I read some great books this year for this challenge, although there were some disappointments, notably The Afterlife and Tithe. Slam was one of the best books I've read all year, and Abarat surprised me with how good it was. I've already posted my list for next year's Young Adult Challenge--thanks to J. Kaye for hosting!***

Here is my list for the Young Adult Challenge, most of which are on my bookshelf at school. Click on the title to read my review.

Fallen Angels--Walter Dean Myers (finished 3/21/08)
The Afterlife--Gary Soto (finished Jan. 08)
Arabat--Clive Barker(finished 12/21/08)
Armageddon Summer--Jane Yolen and Bruce Coville (finished 5/27/08)
The Giver--Lois Lowry (finished 9/16/08)
Holes--Louis Sachar (finished 8/1/08)
I Am Mordred--Nancy Springer (finished 10/6/08)
Give a Boy a Gun--Todd Strasser (finished 3/20/08)
Scorpions--Walter Dean Myers (finished 9/28/08)
Tithe: A Modern Fairy Tale--Holly Black (finished 6/14/08)
Slam--Nick Hornby (finished 2/7/08)
You Don't Know Me--David Klass (finished 10/3/08)


alisonwonderland said...

i loved Armageddon Summer and The Giver, and Holes (which i read this summer) is great too. i'm excited about this challenge - and i'll be looking forward to your reviews.

Joy said...

Welcome to the YA Challenge! You've got a great list. Only a few more days and we can begin! :)