Sunday, December 28, 2008

Series Challenge?

Due to the large amount of series that I would like to finish reading (or reread), I am considering joining one or more of these challenges: Serial Readers Challenge 2009, To Be Continued (Perpetual), or Series Challenge Season 3. The latter allows me to finish a series I've already begun (which is pretty much where I need to be), the middle one allows re-reads (which is another important place) and the first one is for a new series of which I've read none (and I do have two of those). I may sign up for all three. These are the series I would like to read (or reread) this year:

The Death Gate Cycle--Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman. I've only read the first book, Dragonwing.

The Dark Tower Series--Stephen King. This would be a complete reread for me, but I'd love to read them all one after the other.

The Harry Potter Series--J.K. Rowling. Read the first three years ago, then stopped. I'd like to read them all again except the first, The Chamber of Secrets, which I read last year.

The Chronicles of Narnia--C.S. Lewis. Definately a reread, but always worth reading again.

Dragonlance--Various Authors. No way could I read them all, but I'm considering rereading the Weis/Hickman Chronicles (FINISHED!!) and Legends series. I read the first one of Chronicles, Dragons of Autumn Twilight, this year. And then maybe add some new ones that I haven't read.
* Dragons of Winter Night--4/1/09
*Dragons of Spring Dawning--4/10/09

The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy Trilogy--Douglas Adams.--FINISHED!!!!!
There are five books in this "trilogy"; I'd like to read them all.
*The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy--4/11/09
*The Restaurant at the End of the Universe--4/27/09
*Life, the Universe, and Everything--5/2/09
*So Long and Thanks For All the Fish--7/16/09
*Mostly Harmless--7/25/09

Lord of the Rings Trilogy--J.R.R. Tolkein. Since it is three volumes, I consider this an actual triology. I haven't read any of these books yet.
* The Fellowship of the Ring--2/15/09
* The Two Towers--3/1/09

The Shannara Trilogy--Terry Brooks. Another standard, three book trilogy, of which I have read none. I started the Sword of Shannara this year but never made it past the first chapter or so.

The Chronicles of Prydain--Lloyd Alexander. Just bought this entire series for my son Trevor, and would really love to read it again. I haven't read them since childhood, save for The Book of Three, which I read this year.

The Geodyssey Series--Piers Anthony. This series is a mix of historical and science fiction, as Anthony takes characters and evolves them through time and places to grow as he envisions the human race did. Characters start at the dawn of human history and are carried into the future. This would be a reread for me.

The Foundation Series--Issac Asimov. I read the first Foundation this year and would like to read at least the next two in the original trilogy.

The Percy Jackson Series--Rick Riordan--FINISHED!!!!!
*The Lightning Thief (4/13/09)
*Sea of Monsters (5/16/09)
*The Titan's Curse (6/17/09)
*The Battle of the Labyrinth (7/5/09)
*The Last Olympian (7/18/09)

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