Friday, September 26, 2008

The Book of Three--Lloyd Alexander

Genre: Young Adult/Fantasy
Year Published: 1964
Rating: 5
Pages: 224
I hadn't read this series since I was a fairly young child, but I bought it for my son and then stole it from his room to read. I was struck by what a great book this is. It was great when I was a child, and it is just as wonderful now. Alexander's characters are delightful and real, and somehow timeless through the years (this book was penned in the 1960s). In the novel, which is heavily steeped in Welsh mythology, Alexander wastes no time in setting his protagonist--Taran, the Assistant Pig-Keeper--on a quest both noble and dangerous. The plot is quick-paced and fun. I did feel as if the climax came suddenly and the book ended quickly, but then I remembered that there are about six more books to follow in the series, and it didn't seem quite so abrupt anymore.
Book-a-Week # 46
Challenge/s: Naming Conventions Challenge

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"Confuzzled" Shannon said...

I have often wondered how this series was. Thanks for the review!