Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The Well Rounded Challenge

Completed as of 12/6/08!

**This was a nice, light, fun challenge that helped keep me up with my other challenges. I believe it will be hosted again, later this year, by Teddy Rose.**

One thing I like about this challenge, hosted by Jan in Edmonds, is that it doesn't add more books to my load--just helps me manage those I already have taken on! I am to read one book per month from a different reading challenge. Since July is almost over, my July book will probably overlap into August. My working plan:

July: Young Adult Challenge --Holes, finished 8/1/08
August: 1% Well Read --The Poisonwood Bible (8/21/08)
September: New Classics--The Giver (9/16/08)
October: Arthurian --I Am Mordred (10/6/08)
November: TBR --Sundog (11/2/08)
December: Naming Conventions Challenge The Zero Stone (12/6/08)

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