Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The Modern Library's 100 Best Challenge...

A perpetual challenge hosted by Sharon at Ex Libris which can be found here, where the goal is to read the novels from the Modern Library's 100 best novels--either the board's list, the reader's list (both of which can be found here), and/or the Radcliffe Publishing Course's list, which can be found here. I have read 12 from the board's list, 19 from the reader's list, and 26 from the Radcliffe's Rival list, but only a combined total of 34 since many of the books I read were on more than one list. The following books are books I am planning on reading in 2009 that are on one or more of those lists...

Animal Farm (1/10/09)
As I Lay Dying (11/28/09)
Beloved (1/3/09)
Blood Meridian
Fahrenheit 451
Gone With the Wind
Lord of the Rings (11/4/09)
On the Beach
On the Road (10/26/09)
The Sun Also Rises (12/14/09)
Their Eyes Were Watching God

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Ex Libris said...

Glad you are joining the challenge! That's an impressive tally. I need to do the same :)