Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Take Another Chance Challenge (1/1/10-12/31/10)

The Take Another Chance Challenge allows you to find books to read by chance--how fun!! You can find all the guidelines here. There are twelve categories of participation; I am going to try to participate in all twelve (Gambling it All, as they say on the site!). I will list the categories, and the books I plan on reading, below.

1. Read Your Doppelganger: Since no one has the same exact name for me, I am going to read an author with the same initials--Lois Lowry's Number the Stars.

2. Blogroll Roulette: Twilight Children by Torey Hayden

3. 100 Best Book (I chose from the 2009 Best Books for Young Adults List): Debbie Harry Sings in Frency by Meagan Brothers

4. Prize Book Winner: 2666 by Roberto Bolano

5. Title Word Count: Jazz by Toni Morrison

6. Genre Switch Up: Graphic Novel--From Hell by Alan Moore

7. Break a Prejudice: Oh boy. Maybe I'll read The Bourne Identity for this one.

8. Real and Inspired:

9. Same Word, Different Book: Breaking Dawn; Breaking Her Fall

10. Become a Character:

11. All in the Family: 20th Century Ghosts (Joe Hill); Just After Sunset (Stephen King)

12. Author Anthology Pick:


Jenners said...

I'm trying a graphic novel for my genre switch-up too ... it should be interesting! I'm glad you are joining in and I hope you have fun with it. I look forward to reading your posts for the challenge!

Hector Macdonald said...

Hi Lisalit

I can't find an email address for you, so please forgive me intruding on your comment wall. I’d like to invite you to write about your favorite books at, where you can add information, images, video, music and links to illustrate and explore the books.

Right now, we're running a $3,000 Tournament and we'll be offering contract work to the best entries.

Best wishes

Hector Macdonald
Editor, Book Drum