Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Uncharted Stars--Andre Norton

Genre: Science Fiction
Year Published: 1969
Pages: 256
Rating: 3/5
"It was like any other caravansary at a space port, not providing quarters for a Veep or some off-planet functionary, but not for a belt as sparsely packed with credits as mine was at that moment either."
The second book in the Zero Stone series, Uncharted Stars continues Murdoc Jern's quest to understand the secret of the stone he recovered from his dead father's belongings. His alien feline-like telepathic partner Eet is still with him, and they pick up a down-and-out pilot to fly their ship to Waystar, the planet of the Thieves' Guild. Although somewhat wordy (especially the parts where he is analyzing gems), the book keeps your interest with new alien creatures and wasted, empty planets of ruins. Big surprise at the ending too, when Eet transforms. I plan on reading the third book sometime next year.
Book a week # 54
Date Read: 11/26/09
Challenge/s: Decades

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