Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Decades 2009!

So this year I plan on doing this challenge correctly--last year I read books that were SET in the different decades, rather than PUBLISHED in different decades. You can read all the rules and sign up here.

FINISHED AS OF 12/14/09!!! My favorite read was probably Beloved; my least favorite was On the Road.

1910s: Riders of the Purple Sage--Zane Grey (12/8/09)
1920s: The Sun Also Rises--Ernest Hemingway (12/14/09)
1930s: As I Lay Dying--William Faulkner (11/28/09)
1940s: Animal Farm--George Orwell (1/10/09)
1950s: On the Road--Jack Kerouac (10/26/09)
1960s: Uncharted Stars--Andre Norton (11/26/09)
1970s: The Bluest Eye--Toni Morrison
1980s: Beloved--Toni Morrison (1/3/09)
1990s: Into Thin Air--Jon Krakauer (1/2/09)

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