Tuesday, December 23, 2008

TBR 2009

Here we go! This is my list of books I have been meaning to read for some time, but haven't gotten around to yet, so I will read them during the course of the year 2009! You can find the challenge sign-up here, and you can find the books I read last year (one more to go in my main list!) and links to their reviews here.

FINISHED AS OF 11/6/09!!!!! (8 regular; 5 alternates). I am going to keep trying to read more, especially on my regular list, but it feels good to have a challenge behind me. My favorite book from these was probably House of the Scorpion, but many were really, really good--The Memory Keeper's Daughter, Paradise, Into Think Air, Duma Key, The Virgin Suicides, House of Sand and Fog. My least favorite was probably Ophelia Speaks--the adolescent voice got tiring after a while.

Main List:

On the Road--Jack Kerouac (10/26/09)
Lord of the Rings--J.R.R. Tolkein (11/4/09)
Into Thin Air--Jon Krakauer (1/2/09)
Fablehaven--Brandon Mull (3/14/09)
Searching For the Sound--Phil Lesh
A Brief History of Time--Stephen Hawking
House of Sand and Fog--Andre Dubus III (11/9/09)
Duma Key--Stephen King (6/27/09)
Blaze--Stephen King
The Virgin Suicides--Jeffrey Eugenides (1/13/09)
Animal Farm--George Orwell (1/10/09)
The Crossing--Cormac McCarthy

Alternate List:

The Memory Keeper's Daughter--Kim Edwards (11/6/09)
Ophelia Speaks--Sara Shandler (5/23/09)
Paradise--Toni Morrison (4/3/09)
The Wastelands, Love Songs...--T.S. Eliot
Cat's Eye--Margaret Atwood (2/28/09)
Danse Macabre--Stephen King
I Hope I Shall Arrive Soon--Phillip K. Dick
Breaking Her Fall--
House of Scorpion--Nancy Farmer (5/9/09)
Your Writing Coach (didn't get to it this year!)
The Writer's Toolkit
I, Robot--Issac Asimov

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