Saturday, November 8, 2008

The Bean Trees--Barbara Kingsolver

Genre: Fiction
Year Published: 1992
Rating: 4/5

Another really good read this year. In this novel the protagonist, Taylor, leaves her small town in Tennessee and travels west. Stopping on the way at an Indian reservation, she acquires an abandoned and abused baby. Spunky and vibrant, Taylor is a true heroine as she manages to find a place for herself and Turtle, the baby, in Arizona. There she creates friendships with a newly-single mother, two old-fashioned spinsters (one of whom is blind), and a woman who runs an auto body shop when she is not aiding refugees from Central America. The book is about friendship and belonging, about helping others, and about realizing that life is bigger than oneself. While I wouldn't say this book was as good as The Poisonwood Bible, it is still a worthy read.

Book-a-week # 52!!!! I made it!!!!!
Challenge/s: Decades--1980s


Jan in Edmonds said...

Good work, Lisa! You go girl! Can't email through Book-a-Week @ yahoo so am posting here!

Teddy Rose said...

Lisa you only have one more day to claim your prize or I will have to give it to someone else.

The book is a beauty.

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