Monday, November 9, 2009

The Memory Keeper's Daughter

Genre: Fiction
Year Published: 2005
Pages: 432
Rating: 4/5

The snow started to fall several hours before her labor began.

I really liked this book, which shows the detrimental effects secrets can have on families over time. When a doctor delivers his wife's twins during a snowstorm, he decides to send away the one who is born with Down's Syndrome, to spare his wife the pain of raising a child like that. He tells her the child died at birth, and sends it off with his nurse, who decides to keep and raise it. The book follows the lives of both families as the children grow into adulthood. The writing is excellent, and the story is lovely and sad.

Book a week #: 50
Date Read: 11/26/09
Challenge/s: TBR, What's in a Name

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