Monday, October 25, 2010

RIP Challenge V

I have sort of dropped the ball on my reading challenges this year, but if I am going to pick it back up, it's for this one. I love Halloween, and I love reading, so I super-love Carl at Stainless Steel Dropping's RIP Challenge. I have been doing this challenge since RIP II, and I almost missed it this year, but jumped in in the nick of time. Since I am joining late, I am going to do Peril the Second, which only requires the reading of two books sufficiently Halloween-ie. And, coincidentally, they are also written by a father and son.

1. Horns--Joe Hill--10/25/10
2. Under the Dome--Stephen King--11/6/10 (better late than never)

If I have time, I would like to read a book of short stories by each of these authors as well, which would be

3. Just After Sunset--Stephen King--12/8/10
4. 20th Century Ghosts--Joe Hill

but that is unlikely, given that it is already October 25.


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