Sunday, January 2, 2011

TBR 2011

I didn't complete this challenge last year, but I came close. Here is the sign-up page for this year's, and here is my list.

Abarat II--Clive Barker
The Alchemist--Paulo Coelho
Trainspotting--Irvine Welsh
The Crossing--Cormac McCarthy
Shantaram--Gregory David Roberts
Among the Imposters--Margaret Peterson Haddix
Neverwhere--Neil Gaiman
No Touch Monkey--Ayun Holliday
Just Kids--Patti Smith
Foundation and Empire--Issac Asimov
Searching For the Sound--Phil Lesh
The Eye of Spirit--Ken Wilbur


Eragon--Chris Paolini
Gone With the Wind--Margaret Mitchell
Elven Star--Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman
Are Men Necessary--Maureen Dowd
Danse Macabre--Stephen King
A Brief History of Time--Stephen Hawking
The Dreaded Comparison--Marjorie Spiegel
The Alphabet Versus the Goddess--Leonard Shlain
A Spot of Bother--Mark Haddon
Breaking Her Fall--Stephen Goodwin
The Book of Night Women--Marlon James
Twilight of Avalon--Anna Elliott

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