Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Chelsea Horror Hotel--DeeDee Ramone

Genre: Fiction/Literature
Year Published: 2001
Pages: 252
Rating: 3

My roommate recommended this book on the basis of its insanity alone, and insane it certainly is. While living in the haunted Chelsea hotel, the former Ramone relays a whirlwind life of drugs, hallucinations, and visits with dead punk rockers, including Sid Vicious and Johnny Thunders. Dee Dee is not exactly a literary genius, but he sure can tell a crazy story--one that fluctuates somewhere between the train wreck you can't stop staring at and an actual compelling read. If you have a weak stomach I wouldn't recommend this book--lots of disgusting scenes involving blood, bugs, vomit, and the like--and be warned that its extremely violent. But its quite funny at times in its psychotic, "WTF?" kind of way, and it goes down quickly.

Challenge/s: None
Book a Week # 20

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