Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Come Back: A Mother and Daughter's Journey Through Hell and Back--Claire and Mia Fontaine

Genre: Memoir
Year Published: 2007
Pages: 320
Rating: 3.5

As a former troubled teen who now teaches troubled teens, I felt a certain affinity with this book. Mia and her mother Claire went through some hard times when Mia was little, but it isn't until Mia turns fifteen that the problems really surface. When her daughter runs away and begins using heroin and other drugs, Claire steps in to rescue her. After placing her in a special boarding school that deals with such children, both Mia and Claire discover truths about their past and themselves that will hopefully save them both.

Sentimental, yes, but the writing is good (Claire is an writer by profession) and the story is captivating. After reading this book, I found myself closely examining my relationship with my son and confronting some truths about myself--and a little self-examination is never a bad thing.

Challenge/s: None
Book a Week # 23

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