Thursday, August 7, 2008

Jay's Journal--Beatrice Sparks

Genre: Young Adult, fiction (supposedly a memoir, but not really)
Year Published: 1978
Pages: 192
Rating: 2/5

The exploiter of terrible teen traumas who brought us Go Ask Alice strikes again with this "memoir" of a bright teenaged boy who becomes involved with the occult. The end of this book is so ridiculous and contrived that I did a google search to find out how true the author (who claimed to be the "editor") maintained the story was. Controversy! Apparently the family of the young man says that he was never involved in the occult at all, that they contacted the author to help document his depression and subsequent suicide. They claim she used a few entries from his diary and then fabricated the rest for shock value. She claims she interviewed his friends and used their accounts to glean the information about the occult to include in the book. All I can say is that anyone who expects her readers to believe the crap she wrote in this book is either insane or idiotic--or just assumes her readers are morons.

And I always knew Go Ask Alice was a fake too.

Challenge/s: None
Book-a-week #: 34

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