Monday, February 16, 2009

The Forever King--Molly Cochran

Genre: Fantasy
Pages: 416
Year Published: 1993
Rating: 4/5

One of the many Arthurian-themed novels on my reading list, The Forever King is interesting in that it takes place in modern times. A ten year old gifted boy--named Arthur--finds a strange receptacle that has healing properties, and appears to be made of a material unknown to man. Immediately after, he finds out he has inherited the remains of a castle in England. Then he and his aunt are chased from their home by strange men. Meanwhile Hal, an ex-FBI agent-turned-alcoholic finds himself in England as well, through twists of fate that seem to be engineered by a strange old archaeologist named Taliesin. The story unfolds from there, complete with an evil villian, ghosts, and reincarnations.

I enjoyed this novel a lot. While it wasn't the greatest work of literature out there, the story was a new and refreshing twist on an old tale, and the historical context of the holy grail was fun to read about.
Book a week #:
Challenge/s: Young Adult (although it wasn't really a young adult novel!), Arthurian
Date Read: 1/30/09

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