Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Glass--Ellen Hopkins

Genre: Young Adult Fiction
Year Published: 2007

Pages: 688

Rating: 3/5

"Life was radical right after I met the monster."

In Hopkin's sequel to Crank, Kristina is trying to stay clean and raise her son, Hunter. But her old lifestyle and the drugs beckon, and the lure becomes too strong. Like the first, it is written as a series of poems that tell the narrator's story. And like the first, it is an interesting, easy, but not-too-phenomenal read.

Book a week #: 15

Challenge/s: Young Adult

Date read: 3/2/09


Mari said...

I am listening to the audiobook of Impulse right now. Makes me want to get a hold of some of her other books. :)

Lisalit said...

I want to read that one, actually!